Will My Wedding Dress Wrinkle?

Fabrics like Satin, Mikado, Crepe do tend to crease more than laces, tulle and chiffon. If you have to travel with your Satin dress folded up, you will need to steam the dresses before your wedding.

You can ask whether your wedding venue has a steamer you can borrow. If they do, great. If not, that’s not the end of the world. You can buy a hand-held steamer to travel with you. A steamer is useful to remove creases from many lightweight garments, so the purchase would benefit in the future too.

We have selected a few streamers which have good reviews on Amazon for you to consider:

Dodocool Handheld Travel Garment Steamer,800W, 180ML, £27

handheld steamer
This steamer is small and easy to travel with, they designed it to work well with silk, wedding dresses and suits.

Beautural Clothes Steamer, 1200W, 260ml, £32

This steamer is slighter bigger and more powerful than the previous one, but still movable.

handheld steamer

Easy Steam Garment Steamer with a holding base, 1500W, £39

With the handheld steamer, you won’t be able to control the amount of steam that comes out. If you can travel to your wedding venue by car, and you want to have more control over the volume of the steam, this one might be a good option.

If you still prefer to use an iron to remove the wrinkles on your dress, please do so by adding a cotton towel between the iron and your wedding dress. NEVER put the hot iron on the surface of the wedding dress directly. Also, start with the lowest heat settings on your iron and test on a hidden corner of your wedding dress first before applying to the whole piece.

After steaming the dress, hang it up using the strings on the hanger to prevent the dress from being stretched.

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