What bra and underwear to wear for my low back wedding dress?

Low back or backless wedding dresses are more and more popular among brides. They are both sexy and elegant, however, it can be difficult to find the right bra and underwear to go with the dress.

Well, I have a few suggestions:

Breast lifting tapes

Breast Lifting tape

You have probably never heard of this, but this is such a magic invention. Using cotton based tapes to push breasts up and hold them in place, you can also customise the tape to suit the shape of the dress you are wearing. Perky Pear offers 2 pairs pack for £18, and you can also buy them from PrettyLittleThing and BooHoo.

Spanx low back body suit

Spanx plunge neck and low back body suit

If you want an undergarment that can provide support for your breasts and also has a strong shaping effect, take a look at this Spanx bodysuit. You can buy from their website, Selfridges and Netaproter.com, the price is around £130.

Specialist wedding lingerie

Backless bodysuit

Ender Legard’s backless bodysuit provides strong support for your breasts. They are great options for fuller front ladies, although they cost £200 or more.  They are beautifully made, comfortable and gives you the confidence you need. You can contact the brand and they will help you choose the right size for your body shape.

Seamless briefs

Seamless underwear

This seamless underwear from Chantelle is incredibly soft, and it has a universal size, as it is super stretchy. It follows your body contours very well, and it is also very thin, so when you wear a wedding dress, you won’t see any panty linings. It’s only £13, and you can use it again for any other party dresses too. You can buy them from John Lewis and Selfridges.

For all the undergarments, if you want them to disappear, it’s best to go for the colour that is closest to your skin tone.


Ok, here are our recommendations, we'd love to hear your suggestions, email hello@aneberry.com if you know other products which are great for our brides.

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