How to prepare for a wedding dress appointment?

It’s so exciting that you are ready to start looking for your wedding dress. Shopping for wedding dresses is quite different from buying other clothing. You normally need to book an appointment with a bridal shop first and they will arrange a stylist to help you choose and try on the dresses. To be prepared for your wedding dress appointment, here are a few tips:

How to prepare for a wedding dress appointment

  1. Research the dresses

Go on the internet to get some inspiration and save some dress pictures you like as references. Look at the bridal shop’s website or give them a call to find out what styles they offer. You may not be able to find the exact dress, but you can show pictures to your stylist at the appointment and see if they can recommend similar styles.  

You can check Aneberry’s dress collection here. More styles are available in store.


  1. Set a budget.

If you have done your research, you should get a general idea of how much would a wedding dress cost. No matter what types of wedding dress you plan to get, in general, simpler styles are cheaper, more lace and more beads will increase the price of a wedding dress. Set a max figure in mind, do take alterations into account if you are planning to get a made-to-order or off-the-peg wedding dress. You can tell your stylist your budget when you go for an appointment, this can save disappointment if you find your favourite dress is way out of your budget.


  1. When to book your appointment

Most to-order wedding dresses take more than 4 months to make and if you need alterations, you should plan at least 1-2 months extra. So the best time to start your wedding dress appointments is from 6-12 months before your wedding.


  1. Sample dress sizes

Wedding dresses are expensive to stock, so bridal shops often use bigger size sample dresses and pin it in to let you see how it will look on you. It’s a good idea to understand what size sample dresses they offer.

At Aneberry, we have a range of sample dresses between size 10 and size 18, but one style may not have all the different sizes.  We can always make the dresses fit for larger and smaller brides so you can get an idea of what the actual dress will look like.


  1. Bring a friend or two

Too many opinions might make the dress shopping more stressful and won’t help with the decision making. Bring a friend or two would be best, so you can get other people’s opinions without getting completely lost.


  1. Wear minimum make up

To avoid makeup being caught on sample dresses, it’s advisable to wear minimal makeup and no fake tan. Some bridal shops will provide you with a facial mask which can prevent the makeup being transferred to the dresses.


  1. Plan your route and be on time

The first appointment at a bridal shop normally lasts for an hour, and you should be able to try 5-6 dresses within the time frame. If you are late, the number of dresses you can try will be reduced, which limits your choices. It’s always good to put the appointment on your calendar, set a reminder and plan your route in advance to avoid delays.

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