How to Choose Your Wedding Dress by Silhouettes?

Brides often find it difficult to select their wedding dress, as there are thousands of styles they can choose from. Although there are many styles, there are only four main silhouettes. Understanding how the different silhouettes suit individual body shapes can help you to make a better decision. 

Wedding Dress Silhouettes

Choose by silhouettes


A-line has a fitted bodice, and the skirt naturally flares out to form a shape of the letter ‘A’. A line shaped dresses are suitable for all body shapes. It is especially great for pear shaped brides as it cleverly hides the wider hip, and create a balanced contour. 

Ball Gown

Ball Gown shape is the traditional princess style, with a fitted bodice and a big puffy dress. Ball Gown shape is suitable for all body shapes. Only very petite brides need to pay extra attention if you feel you have been buried in the voluminous fabrics.


Mermaid shape has a closely fitted bodice and shirt to the knee, then flares out from the knee to the floor. Mermaid is best for hourglass figures, as it can show off your curves. Other body types can also benefit from this silhouette, if they choose to compliment the neckline and waistlines. For example, pear shaped brides may choose a wider neckline, such as boatneck or off-shoulder to balance out the large hip and create an hourglass shape.


A sheath dress fits close to the contours of the body, and features a narrow waist with a straight skirt go down to the floor. As a sheath dress follows your body shape, it does not conceal problem area very well, hence it suits thinner body shapes.

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