How to Choose a Wedding Dress by Necklines?

Now you know what silhouettes you'd like to try. Then it's time to understand how choosing the right necklines can help brides balance out their body shapes and achieve the best look.

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V-neck creates a visually longer silhouette. It is suitable for everyone, but particularly good for brides who worry about their necks looking short. V-neck also compliments rounder face shapes, to give a more pointy illusion. If you have broader shoulders, V-neck is also good to make your body figure look narrower.

Square Neckline

Square neckline can balance out round face very well. It is suitable for brides who have a shorter neck or narrower shoulders as it can elongate the neck and give the shoulder a broader feeling.

High Neckline

High neck is best for brides with a longer neck or face, as it offsets the length. It is also good for small chested brides as it can draw the attention away from the chest area to your face. Square body shape and brides have narrow shoulders can also benefit from this neckline.

Scoop Neckline

Similar to V necklines, Scoop necklines draw the attention downwards to the centre of the body, hence creating a longer and leaner illusion. It is best for brides who have a shorter neck, and narrower shoulders. As scoop neckline have a more soft edge, unlike V-neck it is actually very good for longer faces. A wide or large scooped neck can help small chested brides appear as if they have a bigger bust. For bustier brides, a smaller scoop is recommended to conceal their large bust area.

Sweetheart Neckline

As sweetheart neckline is formed with two curvy lines, it balances out angular faces. It provides great coverage to the breast area, so it flatters large busted brides very well. Small chested brides can also wear them to add more curves to their figures. Sweetheart neckline also creates a dip in the middle, it can lengthen the shape, it is suitable for shorter chins or necks.


 A strapless neckline leaves shoulders and arms fully exposed, women with medium to small breasts can benefit from this look most. Large busted brides can also look good in strapless neckline, but need to consider adding more support to chest area as there's no strap to hold them from the top. Sweatheart strapless would be recommended as to give chest area more coverage for larger chested brides, while slight scoop or straight strapless neckline is more suitable for brides with smaller chests.

Halter Necklines

With the curvy straps up around the neck, Halter necklines draw attention to the centre of your body, and creates the illusion of a wider body, so it is best for tall and thin brides and also good for brides with broad shoulders.


Bateau is also called princess or boat neckline. As it creates a soft curve along the collarbone and covers the shoulders, it is great for brides with narrow shoulders or bulky arms. Brides with a long neck and thin face can also benefit from shape as it creates a wider illusion. Boatneck neckline also increases the volume in the chest area, so it is great for brides with a small chest. It helps creating an hourglass shape, so it is recommended for pear-shaped brides.


Similar to boat necklines, off-shoulder also extends the figure horizontally, but it creates a curve significantly lower below the collarbone and shoulders. Off-shoulders is best for pear-shaped brides or those with narrow shoulders, off-shoulders can give them a more balanced look.


One-shoulder neckline creates a dramatic look,  brides with narrow shoulders and thin arms can benefit from this look, as it makes the shoulders look wider. Brides with long necks and nice collarbones would look great with this neckline as it flatters the collarbone, and offsets the long neck.

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