How to budget your wedding?

It’s not surprising that weddings are expensive! According to Bridebook 2018 Wedding Report, the average cost of a UK wedding is now the highest it has ever been at around £30K (excluding honeymoon), which makes budgeting increasingly important. It is really easy to overspend and difficult to keep track of how much your wedding will cost.

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One of the best ways to start your wedding planning is to do some research into what you need for your wedding. You can look at the average costs and see if your wedding plan is likely to be affordable. Everyone's wedding is different so you can prioritise what you feel is more important and spend less in other areas. You don't have to have it all, actually most people only use 13 out of 18 wedding supplier categories. Remember costs and quality vary a lot so it's worth shopping around.

One of the more expensive areas is the venue. You can do a lot of research online, don't be afraid to ask for quotes before you book a viewing as there is no point visiting somewhere that is out of your budget. Remember a lot of venues offer discounted rates for weekday wedding or outside their busy Summer period.

You can also save some money on the food by reducing the amount you serve your guests in the evening. I can imagine like me you have been to a few weddings where the guests hardly touch the evening buffet.

When I was preparing for my wedding I created a spreadsheet to keep track of my spending which I found really useful. I thought I would share it with you all. I have included the latest wedding budget breakdown, which you can then compare to your personal budget. Using the template, you can also keep track of what you have spent and your suppliers. Click here to download the editable excel template.

Good luck planning!


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