Can't decide which wedding dress is the one, what should I do?

You have tried on a bunch of wedding dresses and they all look beautiful on you, and now you are really confused and can’t decide which wedding dress is the one.

Well, here’s 5 signs you found the one:

Wedding dress style shoot in Scotland
Photo by Siobhan and Amy Photography

1. You can’t stop looking at the dress, you spend a lot of time discussing the details about the dress with your bridesmaids. You want to see the whole look - how you look with a veil and bouquet in the dress. You don’t want to take it off.

2. If you liked a dress in one shop and ended up going to all the other shops trying to find one like that, it probably means the original dress is the one.

3. You feel different when you put this dress on, you felt lifted, beautiful, and you haven’t felt this way trying any other dresses.

4. Your bridesmaids' eyes lit up when you walked out of the changing room.

5. You can’t stop crying when you see yourself in the mirror.


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