41 Questions You should Ask before Choosing Your Wedding Suppliers

Choosing the right suppliers is crucial, but how do you figure out which suppliers are the best fit for your wedding? Well, our answer is to ask them lots of questions and see if they are knowledgeable and they understand your specific needs. We have asked our favourite wedding professionals to come up with this ultimate list of questions you should ask your vendors before you choose them.

Questions should ask your wedding suppliers

Questions that apply to all categories

Are you available on our wedding date, and are you able to travel to the venue?

This sounds obvious, but do check whether your supplier is available on your wedding day before engaging with them further. Some suppliers only work locally while others are prepared to travel, of course, ask whether they charge extra for travelling as well.

How much do you charge for your service?

Fees for different suppliers can vary hugely, don’t be shy and ask them how much they charge for their services and see if it aligns with your budget.

What payment method do you accept and on what terms?

It’s always good if the vendor can accept credit card which gives an extra layer of security as if anything goes wrong you may be able to claim your money back. Most vendors will ask you for a deposit when you decide to book with them, sometimes they will have a payment plan which will specify what is due and when. 

Can we meet you in person or have a video call before booking?

It’s always advised to meet your suppliers in person so you can get a feeling as to whether they are right for you.

What will happen if you are sick or unable to work on my wedding day?

Emergencies happen from time to time, but does your supplier have a backup plan if they are unable to make it on your wedding day.  They might work with some other suppliers that can replace them for the day. 


Wedding planner

What’s your typical wedding style?

Check their previous work to find out their style. Talk to them about your vision and see if they understand what your priorities are and whether they can deliver them. 

How many other weddings will you be planning at the time around yours?

It’s good to know how busy your wedding planner is, so you can be sure they have enough time to give yours the focus it requires, especially in the final few weeks.

Have you worked at our venue or similar before?

Different types of venues require different approaches. It is good to know if your planner has experience in certain venue types such as a barn, a hotel or a marquee.

Will you provide a contract and assistance with other contracts and proofreading?

Planning a wedding is often dealing with large costs and being introduced to contracts and legalities you’ve probably never come across. Your wedding planner will have dealt with these before so can notify you of anything that may cause any issues or concerns that maybe you wouldn’t haven’t noticed. It’s also very important you have a signed contract between you and your suppliers so both parties have some security should anything happen.



Do you have caters?

Some venues have a catering service in-house while others require you to book your own.

Do you have a wedding coordinator for the day?

There are many details you need to communicate with the venue, make sure you meet the coordinator and they are responsive to your questions.

How many people can I have for the ceremony?

Venues may have a maximum number of people they can accommodate, do check whether that’s enough for your wedding before you book.

Do you have wedding license?

You can only legally get married at licensed venues, if you prefer to get married outdoors, you may want to hire a celebrant to host the ceremony.

Do you have onsite accommodations?

If they have, that would be easier. If not, you’ll need to book your own accommodation for the night after your wedding.


Wedding Dress

How long does it take to make my wedding dress?

Wedding dresses can take as long as 8 months to make while some others are available for you to take home straight away, make sure you have enough time before booking your bridal appointments.

Do you charge a consultancy fee for your appointment?

It’s common that bridal shops charge a fee for the appointments. However, there are many bridal shops that offer free appointments too.

Do I need alterations and how much will that cost?

Check with your bridal boutique as to whether they think you’ll need alterations, and ask how much your alterations will cost so you can calculate the total cost of the dress.



Can we see a few full weddings?

The images on photographers’ website are their best work, it might not represent a full day wedding. You should ask to see a few full weddings to see how the photographer deals with light, action and the drama of the day and whether they perform consistently. 

Do you have an alternative plan if it is raining? 

Be prepared for the weather, if it is raining, make sure the photographer can still make amazing photos.

What is provided within the price package?

How many hours will your photographer be onsite? Whether they charge extra for the site inspection? Whether you’ll get a photo album? Just understand what you are getting for the package.

Do you charge a flat fee or you work by hours?

Understand how your photographer works, if your wedding schedule gets delayed, make sure you know whether they are going to charge you extra for overtime.



What flowers can I get during my wedding time?

Don’t just choose flowers by Pinterest ideas, talk to your florist and see what flowers are actually available at the time of your wedding. 

What services can I get for my budget?

Check with your florist whether they require a minimum spend, and what services you can get for your budget. There are some services you might never think of but require additional fees such as moving pedestals or centrepieces from the ceremony to the reception, takedown/waste disposal fees if the flowers need to be removed at the end of the night.

Can I go to the flower market to look at the flowers and is there a charge for this?

The best way to choose flowers is to see the flowers in a market, going to a flower market with your florist can get professional advice, but do check whether your florist charges extra fees for the service.


Makeup Artist

Do you specialise in wedding makeup?

Wedding makeup artists have different skills to those that specialise in editorial and fashion makeup and will know how to make you look good in your wedding photos, no matter what the lighting is like. 

Can I see photos of brides that you have done before?

Check your makeup artist’s style, and make sure they can understand what you are looking for and can create the look you want.

What product brands do you use?

You want to make sure that your makeup artist is using quality brands that are allergy tested and are of the highest standard for your wedding day.

How many people in a Bridal party can you accommodate and do you have assistants?

If you have a large party and all need assistance with makeups, it’s better to hire more than one artist.  This will also minimise time when getting ready so you don’t need to have a ridiculously early start.

Will you do a trial before my wedding?

A trial will give you the opportunity to communicate exactly what look you are after.  You’ll get to see first-hand how your makeup will look on the day, and how your artist works.



Do you work on a set menu or you offer bespoke menu?

Some caters work on a set menu that you can choose dishes from, while others can tailor to your tastes and create a unique menu for your wedding day.

What catering option can you do other than a 3-course wedding breakfast?

You don’t have to stick to a traditional sit-down meal. BBQs, street food style stalls, wood-fired pizzas, dessert tables and popcorn stations can make your day fun and different.

Can you cater for special dietary requirements?

Check whether your caterers are able to make vegetarian/vegan, gluten/dairy/nut free meals?



What flavours can you make and can we select a different flavour for each tier?

Check whether they can make the flavour cake that you both really want and does it cost extra.

If your decoration includes fresh flowers, will they work with your florist directly?

Fresh flowers should be properly prepared to be placed on the cake so letting them know who your florist is will help. 

Do you provide a cake stand and cake knife for the official cutting?

Sometimes these are hired from your venue, sometimes from your cake maker. Do check with your vendor whether there is an additional charge?

Who will set up my cake on the day and is that an additional cost?

Check how long your cake supplier will be at your venue and what time they need access from.

I want a four-tier cake but I don’t need that much cake to serve my guests, what can you do?

Dummy cakes provide a cheaper way to get the perfect look without over ordering cake, ask if this is possible.



Can I see examples of your drawing?

Make sure you know what style of art will be created and that you like it personally.

How long will you be drawing for on the day?

Illustrators and artists will work in block times usually of 3 hours during the drinks reception, but they can of course adjust based on your requirements. 

How long does a drawing take?

Knowing how long one person takes to draw will give an indication of how many guests can be drawn on the day.

What size is the drawing and is it full colour?

Knowing the style of the drawing and the size is always important.




Thanks for the following contributors:

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Photographer: Parrot & Pineapple www.parrotandpineapple.com

Florist: Vicki's Floral Designs www.vickisfloraldesigns.co.uk

Makeup Artists: Emma Olliff www.emmaolliff.com

Nicola Louise Makeup www.nicolalouisemakeup.co.uk

Catering: Perfect Day Caterers perfectdaycaterers.co.uk

Cake: Ella Rose Cakes www.ellarosecakes.com

Illustrator: Linda Byrne Illustration lindabyrneillustration.com

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