A Fun Way to get Ready

We always like to see more fashion elements in bridalwear. This week is when bridal meets fashion. In a modern London flat, we did this shoot with the story of a bride who is getting ready for her wedding and having lots of fun with her best friend & bridesmaid. 

Getting ready does not have to be procedural, it is a fun time that you are spending with your best friends, you can have some girly chats, take some selfies, do a little dance… just enjoy every little moment preparing for the big celebration.

Low Back Wedding Dress

In this shoot, we chose our wedding dress Lucie, because it is a modern and chic dress, combining intricate lace details with elegant chiffon skirt. This dress has an open V back, showcasing brides’ beautiful back. ‘Lucie’ dress is light weight and not boned, it is very comfortable and easy to wear.

Modern Wedding Dress

The film and top 3 photos are created by Jessi from Le Moment Capturer. We love her delightful video editing style and slightly vintage feel for the pictures.

Modern Wedding Dress

Cecelia is our model for the bride, she’s a fashion, travel and food blogger. Check her Instagram here.

The following two images are created by Emily Bowden, she is great at capturing the fun moments! 

Bride and Bridesmaid Celebrating

Bride and Bridesmaid Celebrating

Wedding Dress
Photo & Film 


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